Registration TrailTrophy 2018

The registration for TrailTrophy Series 2018 opens at the following dates:

TrailTrophy Latsch:             Thursday, 07.12.2017, 18 Uhr
TrailTrophy Breitenbrunn:  Wednesday, 24.01.2018, 18 Uhr
TrailTrophy Flims-Laax:      Wednesday, 21.02.2018, 18 Uhr
TrailTrophy Sankt Andreasberg: 07.03.2018, 18 Uhr
TrailTrophy Kronplatz:       Wednesday, 14.03.2018, 18 Uhr

You must register an account prior to registering for an event. This means you won’t have to enter your rider information every time you register for another TrailTrophy event. Furthermore, should you be unable to compete due to, for example, illness, your start place can be passed on more easily.

Before you register, please take the following points into consideration:

  1. Please read the conditions of participation and rules and regulations BEFORE you sign up. These can be found under PROGRAMME/INFORMATION for each TT.
  2. All information given must be correct and true.
  3. Please DO NOT APPLY MULTIPLE TIMES. Check through your registration form once more before you submit it. If there are still mistakes to be corrected (mailing address, team name, etc.) write us a short email.
  4. Multiple riders can register with one form. Click “entry for families, clubs and groups” in the top right of the form and enter your details. The total entry fee must then be transferred in full.
  5. The team name is necessary for ranking as a 3-person team. It is absolutely imperative that team names are written EXACTLY the same way.
  6. Accident insurance is an OPTIONAL choice - each participant must decide for themselves if they require it. (see conditions of participation for more)
  7. Registration/starting places are only confirmed upon receipt of the entry fee. (you will be notified automatically by e-mail)
  8. Entry fees not paid in full count as an invalid registration.
  9. Once entry fees have been paid, participation in the event can NOT be withdrawn. Your starting place can however be transferred to a replacement rider (see conditions of participation).

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